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States’ Approach To Retail Is ‘Bonkers’

Says Estate Agent

The managing director of one of Jersey’s biggest commercial lettings agencies has described the States’ approach to retails as ‘bonkers’ and lacking in ‘joined up thinking’.

Simon Buckley, of Buckley and Co, made the comments while appearing before the Economic Affairs Scrutiny Panel, which was focussing on retail policy.

During the hearing, Mr Buckley criticised the introduction of a 20 % retail tax, along with St Helier Constable Simon Crowcroft’s recent idea that a charge should be levied on landlords with empty retail units.

And Environment Minister John Young’s suggestion of a town congestion charge was also criticised.

‘There have been a number of headlines lately that have been frustrating, annoying, idotic – whatever you want to call them’ Mr Buckley said.

‘We go through a period where a retail tax is levied. We go through a period where they say we should perhaps relax some of that retail tax and that it is not working.

‘Then Mr Crowcroft says we should tax landlords that have got empty shops and then somebody says we have got a congestion charge that we need to put in place because there are too many people in town. Well, is there any joined-up thinking in any of that, anywhere? The answer from my point of view is no. It’s just bonkers.’