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Living In Trinity

If you like living in the country, yet require quick and easy access links to town schools and the beautiful North Coast, then Trinity is the Parish for you! Enjoying a stunning north/east coast boundary with Les Platons being the highest point in Jersey offering wonderful cliff path walks and stunning panoramic views to France.

Additionally, there are secluded sandy beaches and a beautiful little harbour at Bouley Bay. It's renowned for its diving, Bloody Mary’s café and the Black Dog Pub.

Trinity is home to the wonderful Durrell Wildlife Conservation Park. A globally respected leader in animal conservation and major tourist attraction on the island. As a result, it's perfect for the whole family with loads to see and many activities to undertake.

What makes Trinity special

This lovely Parish has the reputation of being the most rural of Jersey’s parishes with only just over 3000 people, being the 3rd largest Parish in surface area but 3rd smallest in population.

Trinity Parish boasts two of the best farm shops on the island, namely Rondels and Woodside. Other commercial enterprises include Pallot’s Heritage Steam museum, JFTU and Bonny’s country gardens. The Headquarters of the Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society at the Royal Jersey Showground has marvellous events throughout the year. It recently hosted Take That and the Jersey Style Awards 2017.

The Parish enjoys many scenic green lanes and designated cycle routes ideal for family walks and dogs. With its tranquil and rural scenery it makes it the perfect location to venture out into on a Sunday afternoon.

Furthermore, those that enjoy a bit of DIY, B&Q is close by, along with a chemist and pet store.

In conclusion, Trinity is a sought-after parish whether its due to beautiful scenery or the vast range of activities for the whole family to try.