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Bath Street Redevelopment

Bath Street Redevelopment

Bath Street Redevelopment has today been launched in the press and we are excited to announce the company’s involvement in the scheme going forward.

The proposed scheme comprises 145 new flats alongside the new Premier Inn No2 and commercial space.

The scheme is subject to planning consent and the public consultation will take place at The Freedom Centre (formerly The Odeon Cinema) on:

Tuesday 9th April, 12-7pm

Wednesday 10th April, 12-2pm and 4-7pm

Representatives of the firm will be there to answer questions.

We are very excited about the prospect and will be involved as follows;

Buckley and Company Limited – Consultancy and professional services

Maillard’s Estates – Marketing & Residential Sales

Voisin Hunter Limited– Property Management

MDW Limited – Building Surveys

We are delighted to be part of this important scheme and that we can continue to demonstrate our effective involvement in large scale residential / mixed use developments.